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Planning for the future can be overwhelming, but all the work you’ve put into securing a home, property, or business deserves proper protection.

Price Insurance and Workforce Development Solutions, LLC is a full-service Insurance Brokerage company and Workforce Development Consulting firm. Founded on a customer-first philosophy, our team matches coverage to a client’s needs, creating customizable insurance plans around each individual’s goals.

If you’re looking for safe investments that protect the life you’ve built, Price Insurance Brokers can provide the experience and guidance you need to succeed. Plan for prosperity with Price!

Meet Our Founder


Cherice Price

Having always been driven to help others, Cherice was introduced to the insurance industry in 2012 when she became an Independent Insurance Agent.

At the time, while practicing as a Licensed Clinical Therapist in the State of Illinois, she decided to obtain an Insurance license to create a secondary stream of income. In 2006, Cherice became a widowed, single mom to four kids after the unexpected death of her husband. This experience taught Cherice the importance of families becoming properly insured and earning extra money to be used for proper investments and savings.

Cherice is now the proud owner of Price Insurance, an Insurance Brokerage firm operating in various states. She holds a Master of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counseling and resides in Chicago.

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Insurance helps you protect your future and provide security for the ones you love. Start today for tomorrow’s prosperity.

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